201104 Editorial Discussion


Listen in on the discussion as the editors of The Mentor discuss the topic of the editorial for the Nov. 10, 2020, edition of the newspaper.

Manhattan High Traditions


What do groups at MHS do when they can't participate in come of their most beloved traditions? Hosts Eli Devoudi and Hannah Loub discuss with both students and teachers about how they're maintaining relationships from home.

School-Sponsored Activities and Cancelations


How is Manhattan High's student body reacting now that certain school events are no longer a possibility? Hosts Eli Devoudi and Koston Peterson ask representatives from Thespians, athletics, student publications, and Student Council to weigh in.

Hobbies and Social-Distancing


How does the average teenager adapt to life in quarantine, especially when most of their non-curricular activities are outside school? Hosts Alexus Forsythe and Koston Peterson explore what it means to be entertained in the midst of a pandemic. 

Working in the Lockdown


From students who are working in essential industries to those who have lost their jobs to teachers who are quickly revamping curriculum, how are MHS students and staff spending their time during the lockdown.

Motivation and excellence


Hosts Hannah Loub and Meredith Comas talk to three students who are achieving excellence in areas of interest in academics, sports, music and service to others, to discover what keeps them working hard for things they're passionate about. 

Students and Social Events


Hosts Sophia Comas and Hannah Loub lead a discussion about students taking part in social events. Is it beneficial? Is it necessary? MHS students Ashton Davis, Emy Bise and Annika Hageman weigh in. 

Ment-air Season 2: Episode 10


Stewie Ray joins the podcast to sing some songs.

Ment-air Season 2: Episode 10


Stewie Ray joins the podcast and plays some music.

Ment-air Season 2: Episode 7


Sage and Paul discuss racy Halloween costumes, awesome haunted houses, state golf at the Manhattan Country Club and Morp. The Ment-air podcast is an opinion podcast from the staff of the MHS Mentor. It does not necessarily represent the views of Manhattan High School.

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